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We live in such a volatile world. Unprovoked violence on the streets of most towns and cities and it seems the constant threat of a cold war.

On Sunday I watched an excellent episode of the well written TV show, Madam Secretary. The story line was about a Russian nuclear submarine that had entered US waters. Matters escalated and depth charges were released by the US Navy and the submarine fired a torpedo, which hit the US destroyer. It turned out there submarine was in trouble, and most of the crew died. It showed just how close we still are to a war, but it’s all fiction of course – but it’s not.

Last year there was the incident off the Norway/Swedish coast of a Russian submarine seen very close to the mainland, and there was an incident a few years ago when another Russian sub also got into trouble and the crew died.

Yesterday British fighter jets had to ‘escort’ two Russian bombers from entering UK airspace. This is the latest in a long line of such acts by the Russians, their bombers and jet fighters seemingly about to enter UK airspace, and it has been the same on the US coast.

It seems to be a game to Putin and military leaders, but this posturing has to stop, but it won’t. God forbid but one day someone will go too far and the retaliation will be catastrophic.

Today the Russians have announced that they are resuming sales of missiles to Iran, putting peace with Israel in jeopardy for example, and there is growing tension in South Asia.

We can only hope that sense and humanity prevails.


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