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After years of talking and dreaming about it, moving on to the land is fast becoming a reality – and it’s scary to say the least.

It was actually ten years ago when I bought the land and waiting for the time to be right has taken this long.

house site

Now though, the process has well and truly started. It’s now all about obtaining permits and surveying and already we have come across a few things we were unaware of but hopefully with the right advice everything will be okay. Planning exactly where to place the house has been fun but at the same time there is always the thought that once it is placed that’s it, so you really only get one shot, so it had better be right. The problem is that with six acres you are spoilt for choice, but the main factor has been the sun; where it rises and where it sets.

view kitchen

The house site has now more or less been decided now and flagged. The views from the front look out on fields, whilst the back looks down towards where the lake is going to be, and the woods. Deer come out most nights, and from the many bones we’ve found, there’s obviously a coyote or two who enjoy the deer, turkey buzzards finishing their left overs.

On the ‘things to do’ list are checking out the electric, which is already at the land, and hopefully we can use an existing pole so we should only need one smaller pole by the house.

view living room

Water is also already at the land but it will be getting it to the house that might be hard, but they deal with this everyday so I’m sure it will be okay, and there’s a house further away from the road already so they might be able to take the source from there.

The big cost is the septic tank, no city sewage out here. The land has to be perked, which it was ten years ago but just has to be checked again, but that should be straightforward, fingers crossed. Researching different septic systems is fun – not!

There used to be no signal for the cell phones on the land but now with a new service provider there is a great signal. I’ve already checked and our current internet, landline and TV provider does cover out here so that’s good.

We’ve been checking out sheds and outbuildings. On the covered porch we’re planning on having a jukebox and an old coke chest cooler. We’ve been looking at containers and coincidentally on a show last night on one of the DIY channels they made a very cool bar from a 20 foot shipping container, so that’s what we’re going to do, down by the lake.


I also in my head placed the studio yesterday too, on the small hill that is on the land, and close enough to the house, but at the same time, far enough away. There’s a deck in front of the studio so that will be another place to sit and watch the sun go down, will a little moonshine or bourbon or wine or …….. I call it the moonshine deck anyhow.

I just hate it when things are out of my control, guess I’m a control freak. It’s just that that way you can make sure everything is right – if you want a job done properly, right? But some obvious things are out of my control such as the soil testing, which due to the bad weather, with the snow and ice, and now rain, the surveyor is three weeks behind, but he lives right by the land so he has said he will hopefully do the test before then on his way home if he finishes early one night.

So, I’m taking a deep breath, not panicking, enjoying it, hopefully led by the very small light that seems to be at the end of a very long tunnel.



Clearing the driveway.


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