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hartsville sign

They start so early here. It’s a shock to the system, getting up and out by 7 or so. This morning drove to Hartsville for the septic permit, and then breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, where their headquarters are based.

The warmest day in a while, going to be in the 60’s later, and then – snow tomorrow! Crazy weather. Cathy told me a saying – Mother Nature is having hot flushes!

Traffic is heavy early on. More is made of each day here, with the early starts. This also explains why ‘lunch’ starts at 11:30/12:00 for many people. Four o’clock is drive home time and best to be avoided if possible.

The local television and radio coverage of the traffic is excellent and can save you being stuck in a jam for hours. There was obviously an accident on the i40 this morning going into Nashville, traffic at a standstill but luckily we were going the other way.

Listening to the radio there are currently two tracks that possible indicate a way ahead for country music – Sam Hunt’s ‘Take Your Time’ and Chase Rice’s ‘Ride’. I’m sure these will annoy purists, both having such an R & B feel, but country music has to move forward. I personally love both tracks, a lot.

Here are the links if you’re interested.

Sam Hunt – http://youtu.be/Evqvefc4fqM

Chase Rice – http://youtu.be/hfwQyAalZLU


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