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This week’s Grammy’s once again served to show the diversity of music and how it can reflect and change mood and emotion.

I don’t understand people who only listen to one genre of music. We should all be musical sponges, soaking up the vibe or the pain or the passion of a track, whatever kind of music it is – rock, pop, R & B, jazz, classical, blues, hip hop, country – and these are in no particular order.

I have always encouraged artists I’ve worked with to trace back the artists that they like to see who influenced them – surely every female singer should know who Billie Holiday is for example, as they should of course be aware of Sinatra. Trace music back to the delta, Robert Johnson, or the folk songs of Woody Guthrie; you can go back further – the commercial melodies of Sergei Rachmaninoff (my personal favorite) and before him Bach or Mozart; it is in the arrangements that also pull a song out of itself.

A great production can save a mediocre song; a bad production can kill a great song.

Nelson Riddle was talking about arranging songs for Sinatra and he said that he would build up to the part when Sinatra would start singing and “get the hell out of there!”

Whatever time of day it is, or whatever mood you are feeling, there is a song out there for you, I hope you find it.


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