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It’s been a busy week.

I’ve been writing and have finished the second draft of the new book literally just now. So a proof read and one more read through and that’s done. I’m very pleased with the book so far, and think it’s the best thing I’ve written to date.

Now to concentrate on the music with all the new songs.

I’ve lost a couple of days. Yesterday we had to go to the doctors for our medicals. This is the first time I’ve been to a doctors in years and then it was only due to me slipping on a loose paving stone in London.

We had to have jabs for TB, flu and MMR. We’d had these as kids of course but it was easier just to get them done again rather than try to get confirmation from England.

The problem was is that I had needles, so having four in a day meant it was not a day I hope to repeat soon.

We’ve got the permission to build on the land finally too, so will be starting on that properly next week with the septic tank permit. We can’t wait to get on there. The building officer at the city hall here is so friendly and helpful.

I tell you, it’s all go!

Last night was a snow moon, or a wolf moon, but what made it special as you can see from the photograph, is that you could clearly make out Jupiter, right next to the moon.

Snow moon is apt as apparently despite being in the mid-50’s right now as I type, it is going to snow tonight!


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