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gas station

We love driving down the back roads of Tennessee (especially when gas is $1.65 a gallon!) and also going to the state parks in Tennessee and walking the country trails with Willow, our wolf dog.

She leads the way and always seems to know which direction to go in.

Today we went to Cedars of Lebanon state park, on highway 231, which is the highway our land is on but the state park is south of Lebanon, on the way to Lynchburg, home of Jack Daniels, and Alabama – we’re going to have to make that road trip one day, even though Lynchburg is actually dry, you can’t drink in the town.

The park had so many amenities and facilities, including cabins to rent, horses to ride, playgrounds, softball and a lot more.

It says a lot that on a cold but beautiful winter’s day, with snow from last night still on the ground there were people around, the toilets open, (with heating no less).

The walk took us an hour or so, two miles, through the woods. It was a bit damp but wonderful, recommend it to everyone.

On our way back we stopped at a convenience store where they hold the flea market we often go to on Sundays for fresh fruit. A lot of Mexicans run stores there and the fruit is fresh and cheaper than the grocery store. They also sell chickens, turkeys, goats.

Next to the convenience store was a used appliance and goods store which we’ve never seen before. It obviously used to be a cow shed, the smell lingering from its previous tenants but there were some bargains there.

I found a station on Sirius, Deep Tracks, which plays album tracks from the seventies – as we were leaving the park they played Bolan’s Life’s A Gas. Neil Young followed, Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs, the Pretty Things and more, it was like being back in the record store in Cardiff I used to work in after school and on Saturdays, Sound Advice.

Music is a great milestone marker in life’s soundtrack; a song can pinpoint where you were at a certain time, what you were going through, who you were with. The first time you heard it, or maybe it was playing at a pivotal time. It is such an important art, and an important part of life.


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