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moonshine deck
The Moonshine Deck, outside the studio on a sunnier day

It’s been a crazy few days, weather wise.

It is said that Brits talk about the weather, that they are obsessed by it. Perhaps, but nothing compares to the Americans. The news programs here go to the weather every ten minutes in the morning, and it is often the opening segment in the news.

So they’ve had a great time these last few days as temperatures soared in the 60’s and yes, the legs came out, shoes on, legs not shaved yet though!!!

To be wearing shorts though in mid January says a lot, and for four days running. It will of course probably be snowing hard by the weekend, such is the weather now. I know snow is forecast in the UK and it surprises us how much the weather is reflected in Tennessee and the UK – a sunny day in Tennessee usually means sun in the UK, rain in the UK means rain here.

Is it global warming? Who knows, depends who you listen to it seems. Last year was the hottest on record apparently, it’s funny I don’t remember that many sunny days but it was warm, uncomfortably so.

I’m looking forward to sowing the seeds in March for our harvest – potatoes, onions, carrots, other veg and salad, also the chilis and peppers in the greenhouse. I’m also looking forward to it being warm enough to go into the studio to start recording. A long spring would be wonderful.


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