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For one of the stories in Trailer Park Tales I revisited on old story, Child of Mine, which was actually the first stage play I wrote, never produced. It just seemed to compliment the story line for the new story, Lament, so by combining them it has come out so strong, and taken an identity all of itself.

I love people watching, and observe people’s mannerisms and behaviour. Many of the characters in the new book are ‘inspired’ by people who live on a trailer park in Tennessee – old and young, strong and weak, the lost and the found …..

In many ways trailer parks for me represent the epitome of live in America. It fascinates me, to be honest. People on the up, people on the move, people who have known better times, but they all have their stories, their reasons why they are where they are, sometimes fooling themselves, many times being open and honest, with themselves and others. Some come for a few months and stay for years.

There are points in all our lives when we look at where we are at that time and wonder how on earth we got there – broken relationships, personal issues or problems, success in work perhaps, there’s good and bad, most of it though in our control, although sometimes we don’t see that.

Trailer Park Tales features seven stories – funny, sad, thought-provoking hopefully and is being published in March this year.


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