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As a Brit, gun control is an interesting issue and an on-going one. I understand about the right to bear arms and defend yourself but with all the sad incidents in the past where many people have been massacred here in the States surely a compromise can be reached? I’m not in favor of a total ban at all. I am aware also of the politics involved, lobbying and the NRA.

Many people here feel the need to have a handgun/revolver for personal protection at home. There are also the people who like hunting and have a rifle for this. What I don’t understand is the need for a semi-automatic, a machine gun, or indeed more than one handgun or more than one rifle. Why do people need an arsenal of guns?

My father had a handgun, I remember it as a kid. It was a light blue, steel gun, quite heavy I remember but that might have been due to me being a kid. This was in the UK, and he had it from the war and his time in the air force. I don’t know what happened to it, it might even still be in the loft in the house in Cardiff for all I know.

There’s a saying about barn doors and horses bolting which is pretty relevant. How on earth would you police it properly now with so many guns on the streets and in homes? Would you pay people to hand in their guns? Would you allow them to keep a handgun and a rifle or take them off the streets and from homes completely? That realistically could never happen, people simply wouldn’t do it, in fear of other people having guns. It is a vicious circle.

In the UK the problem is growing, as more and more guns are smuggled into the country from Eastern Europe, as the borders have opened. Guns are used more and more now on the streets with gangs and robberies, resulting in an increasing number of fatalities. I know I could get hold of one if I really needed to, know where to go and that’s not really a good thing. Of course the main difference is that the British police are not armed but again that is changing all the time, more and more police officers are now trained with guns.

I was always aware when I first came here, the difference say with an argument in a bar here. One guy can easily walk out to his car, return with a gun and shoot the other person. In Tennessee the law has been changed that you can actually take a gun into a bar! Alcohol and guns, that’s a bright idea!

There’s also the argument that it’s not the gun which kills people, it is the person who fires it. True, but if they didn’t have a gun in the first place ……..

My point though is more about an arsenal of guns – there is simply no argument surely for the need to own so many guns in one household. The massacres at schools and universities here, and in the UK – Dumblane, Hungerford, – nearly all those killers had a number of guns and not just rifles or handguns.

Two separate neighbors of ours in the UK had a couple of shotguns, which they both had licenses for. One was very responsible, used it for killing foxes that were killing his geese and chickens or shooting pheasants, (I remember enjoying one of his pheasants, except for the small balls of shot or pellets his wife had missed!).

The other person though ended up in prison, (for raping a young boy), and it was found that one of his shotguns he had he had actually ‘sawn off’ the barrel – why? not to kill pests or vermin.

The argument or debate will continue for a long time, through the next tragedy and the question does have to be asked – how many more people have to die until the gun laws are revised?


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