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I feel the need to support some of the causes that get to me more.

Animals is one, cruelty and protection and in particular wolves. There are a number of good organizations dedicated to protecting wolves so I’m going to do some research and pick one to support and get involved with.

Cruelty to children is another cause that gets to many people but I’m particularly concerned about the poverty factor, here and in the UK, and the fact that so many children apparently go without proper food every day, as their parents spend the benefits they receive on other things – cigarettes, alcohol or drugs.

The way injured former military people are treated by the governments again both here and in the UK also deeply concerns me. I have previously mentioned the two charities, Wounded Warrior Project in the US, and Help for Heroes in the UK, but I simply don’t understand how a government can send these brave people to protect us and our freedom and then when they return injured it appears bureaucracy takes over and they do not get the support they need and are not given the treatment they need and deserve quickly.

Finally the environment and the need to protect it for our children and their children.

These are all good causes that need support. I think the wolf one is an obviously one for me as I have a genuine wolf dog, Willow, who is 45% wolf, 55% labrador. She looks like a German Shepherd and many people think she’s a shepherd mix, but she had no shepherd in her at all.

willow july 4

She is loving, her temperament is amazing and she is very, very protective which is good. Wolf dogs are legal here in TN with this percentage but I was amazed to see last year at a flea market in East Tennessee Timber wolf cubs for sale, 100% timber wolf! At that same market another stall had wolf skins for sale, and coyote skins. Hunting wolves is legal and I think this has to be examined. It was the same in the UK with foxes. I understand farmers and if they are losing sheep or cattle etc., but hunting purely for sport and ‘fun’, that is not right. People hunt deer and I can see that, they can and do take the deer home, and eat it but you can’t eat wolf! It is purely for a trophy and I don’t agree with it. Selling the skin is another reason and another I don’t agree with.

I have a fairly strange outlook on this. I don’t agree really with killing wild animals; animals breed for the food chain is one thing and if you are going to kill a wild animal it should be for a legitimate reason, and yes, including for food, but not just for recreation.

Tennessee though is of course a proud hunting state. We have many deer on our land and they are lovely to see at dusk but we have also found many skulls and bones, deers obviously attacked and eaten by coyotes. Mother nature at work, but I guess she does need some help now and again.


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