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So with the publication of the two new books, Songwriter and Tall Stories and Short Scripts, that more or less draws a line on my work up to the end of 2014, so all the work we release this year will be new.

songwriter cover main

Tall Stories and scripts book

The weather has hindered recording as the studio is far too cold at the moment, it has been 3F here, which is -16C! I’m keen to get started though finally on the new songs as I think they are easily the best I’ve written, certainly in a while.

I have though been writing and finished the new book, Trailer Park Tales and am starting another draft on the play, Circles into Squares, Squares into Circles.

The arrival of Possum, our new six week old kitten, hasn’t helped. Very cute but very confident given his age, into everything and he wants to explore and play, even with Willow, our wolf dog, who is so much bigger than him, but she’s been wonderful with him, patient bless her, she’s only a puppy herself, not a year old. She’s been mothering Possum, even allowing him to try and suckle on her! This morning I had to stop work as the two of them were ransacking our shoe box and chewing on a trainer! At least they are not fighting, like cat and dog, (or wolf?!?).


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