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There are currently some very moving and powerful commercials here for the Wounded Warrior Project, one by Trace Adkins, the other by Mark Wahlberg, seeking monthly pledges from the public. In the UK there is the Help for Heroes charity. My personal feelings are that it’s disgraceful that these brave people do not get the financial support they need when they return wounded and that there is even the need for charities such as these two – but there is the need.


There is one soldier in the Wounded Warrior Project films that gets me every time; he has obviously been seriously hurt suffering head and brain injuries, and supported now by his family, and the WWP. These people keep us free, and safe. It’s not about politics or war, nobody in their right mind wants war, ever; it’s simply about people, brave people who put their lives on the line for us day after day.

At the local flea market they sell Army style jackets and trousers and boots; I personally wouldn’t buy any of these as I am not worthy to be honest to wear them and I think they should be stopped from selling them. I was told about a guy who continuously wore these fatigues to get military discounts at stores – and he had never served a day in his live.

I see soldiers at Nashville airport every time I go there, either returning to or leaving Fort Campbell, the nearby base. They are all heroes to me, and I’m glad they get the huge support here that they appear to receive, which I have to say is so impressive, and so very deserved.


Posted January 6, 2015 by Jon Johanson in Uncategorized

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