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Always rather sad when taking down decorations after Christmas, saying goodbye to the tree. We looked forward so much to Christmas and New Year and it seems to always go by so quickly.


Most families have traditions, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our older ones include a turkey and pineapple coconut curry on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas Day, for non Brits). This year we started what promises to be a family tradition this year, a bonfire on our land here in Middle Tennessee, on Christmas Eve, (as Guy Fawkes night is not celebrated over here we missed the bonfires held in Britain every November 5, celebrating Guy Fawkes attempting to burn down the House of Commons centuries ago!). Another tradition of ours was always having an Indian curry on Christmas Eve, and this kind of replaces that one.


We’d cut down a couple of trees a month or so ago to make way for the drive so we had, (and still have), plenty of wood. The tree logs made great seats. We lit it fairly easily, a lot of it was damp, and we enjoyed smores and a few beers. It was a nice evening and looking forward to many more as we finally move onto the land this year (this year!).

One thing though, you soon find out who the potential arsonists in your family are!

As if the ‘career’ isn’t enough we’re also developing our land this year, six acres into a self-sufficient (as much as possible) mini farm – chickens, ducks, goats, grow our own vegetables; we’re putting a small lake on there too, and basically we’re starting off with a blank canvas really. There are permits to obtain, plans to be approved, and this blog will be a record of what I am sure will prove to be a trying yet fulfilling year.


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