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It’s been literally a year since I last wrote a blog on here.

Social media is such these days that there are so many sites to cover.  As an artist when you have a PR firm working for you well that’s fine but like the vast majority of independent artists I am more or less my whole team; myself, me and I.

My focus has changed in this last year.  It had reached a point with all the airplay that Telegraph Road and I Don’t Work Without You in particular received and the interest the next step was obviously live shows, but unless I can do them the way I would want to, I’d prefer not to.  I’m also set in my ways.  When you’ve been gigging all your life, and it is all you know that’s great but to start traveling and being away from home now, no.  I still want to play some selected shows but ones with no pressure.

Three of my books were published though in the last year,

beach cover website winter colour book main1 THE ROAD main cover 1

plus an album, The Journey …. So Far.

thejourney small

I plan to concentrate on my writing, be what I see myself as, a songwriter and a writer.  My music and my books are selling, so I want to work on that.

carnival june 30 main1

There’s an EP, Carnival, and then an album,

songs June 2014 trailerparktales2

Songs From a Trailer Park planned.  They’re going to be very personal, glorified demos really.  Carnival will be available early 2015 and the album Songs will be released shortly after, to coincide with the production of the new play, Circles into Squares, which we’re premiering here in Nashville, which I’m so pleased about.  Songs will be accompanied by a new book of short stories, Trailer Park Tales.

circles jan14

A new book of poetry is also planned for December.  It’s called Today was Tomorrow, Yesterday.  Here’s a mockup of the cover.

today book

It will include new poems and song lyrics, plus photographs, and it also revisits some poems and lyrics I wrote when I started writing years ago as a teenager.  The cover shot is a picture of the lane I used to play in and have to walk down every day as a young kid in Cardiff, from Wellfield Road up to Penywain Place.

This last year has passed so quickly, it reminds me that life is short, precious and we must make the most of our short time here on earth.


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