Take it as it Comes   Leave a comment

Jump into the taxi
that pulls up to my side
I can’t see the driver
no such thing as a free ride
Cruise along the front page
Not sure of what we’ll find
Pass an all night website,
time to press rewind
Print an image of a dream
that I don’t recognise
I’m sure that I’d remember
if I had survived
Racing now past curfew
they’re pulling up the bridge
Shoot an arrow across their bow
They’re telling me how to live
(Don’t take me to the bridge)
Can’t change what’s done,
Life’s a loaded gun
Take it as it comes
If I don’t go crazy
I’m sure to go insane
I really need to find myself
but when did I escape           
Don’t close me in these four walls
I really need my space
We really must do lunch sometime
Same time, another fake
(Gotta get away)
Move a little closer,
have you got the edge
Parallel two-step,
on a narrow ledge
The chorus of a morning,
mass murder of midnight
Life’s a price we all must pay,
does anyone get it right
Time’s the untamed master,
hands faster than the eye
Reaching the conclusion,
not a theory in sight
(Driving blind)


Posted April 11, 2013 by Jon Johanson in Uncategorized

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