Horse meat, lasagna and restaurants   Leave a comment

The news about horse meat being found in food is disgraceful and criminal but what’s next? Food from other countries must be suspect. It is known that in certain countries they eat cats or dogs. Those sweet and sour chicken balls from Thailand could be ……

There have always been stories about local Chinese takeaways behind raided and a dog or a cat being found in the freezer hence the photo!

It reminds me of one of the very first short stories I wrote. It was called Binny’s, about a restaurant called L. A. Binnac. The restaurant, in a big city,was famous for its food, which it turns out is linked to the disappearance of homeless people – turn the name L A Binnac around and you’ve got – cannibal!

The end of Findus? Did they know? Time will tell.

A great case for buying local and fresh!



Posted February 9, 2013 by Jon Johanson in Uncategorized

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