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So ………….. I had this idea!

I’m always having ideas.  They always seem straightforward, simple and logical – until that is I speak to someone who knows what they are talking about!  When I had the theatre it became a running joke.  I’d say “I’ve had an idea,” and everyone would disappear! I would try and sell these ideas as two-minute jobs.  They of course in reality took a lot longer but they do work – usually.

So the most recent idea I’ve had was two weeks ago when I started thinking about a duet for the new album and the possibly logistics of recording the female vocalist.     It’s common knowledge these days that the two singers don’t even meet; they can record their vocals thousands of miles apart.  They then send their vocal as an attachment or through Dropbox to the producer, who then mixes the two vocals together.


Tim Palmer and I are finishing recording my Country Tales and Hobo Trails album, putting on the vocals, and the idea came  – why not get people to provide the backing vocals to the chorus of the title track.  Could we make this work?

I spoke with Tim and told him the idea.  I thought that if Tim, as a great engineer, couldn’t do it, it couldn’t be done – but it seemed so simple!

Tim edited two lines from the track, the chorus ‘hook’ line, with scratch vocals.  I uploaded it to Soundcloud, nice and easy for everyone to download from.

We provided a link to the clip on Soundcloud through the media and the websites etc., and just told people to record themselves singing along with the two lines, either in harmony or the same as it’s sung on the track.  They can record it easily on most mobiles as a voice memo and send the recording as an mp3 as an email direct from the phone – easy!

Those more technically minded can download the clip on to Garageband, Logic, Cubase or any music software, record themselves singing with it and again send it back to us as a mp3.

In return for doing this everyone who sends in a copy of them singing the hook will get a name check on the album. All clips sent in will be used.

Once we get them all back Wizard Tim will sprinkle is magic dust, mix them all and then add them to the song.  A truly international choir.

No, there is no charge or fee for this.

If you haven’t done it yet, why not do so?  Amateur, professional, whatever, just for fun, and of course it’s completely free, there’s no charge or anything. 

No, there are no royalties, no rights, ownership, claims, nothing, this is purely for fun – and no, we won’t use the recordings sent in in any other way but by sending them in you do consent in full for us to use them of course!

And it seems to be working so far but let’s get as many people from as many countries as possible.

The link to the Soundcloud clip is:

The email address to send your recording is:

The deadline is January 31 so get recording!  Tim and I are looing forward to getting your recordings – and who knows, maybe we’ll find the female vocalist for the duet as well!


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