Catching Up   Leave a comment


it’s been a while
Guess we lost touch
Somewhere along the way
You know how it is
Life gets in the way
And time
Just seems to fly by
So fast
A blink of the eye
And life has passed you by
But anyway
How are you
Are you good
How is life treating you
Are you happy
You deserve to be
you seem quiet
And there’s something
about your eyes
Something that is missing
They seem
I don’t know
Do you cry often
You used to be so full of life
The life of every party
You were always ready to take on the world
You were always so strong
So what happened
What changed
Do you smile
When was the last time
You laughed out loud
Where’s that spark
That always got you through
Where’s the fire that used to burn inside of you
I’m sorry
I best be going
it’s been good though
To catch up
See how you are
We really mustn’t leave it so long
Next time
I’ll keep in touch
But I hate to leave you
like this
Will you be okay
You know where I am
If you ever need to talk
I’m always here
The mirror on your wall

©2012 Jon Johanson


Posted December 13, 2012 by Jon Johanson in Uncategorized

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