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Winter has arrived; snow in the west of England, it is now so much colder.  As a kid it was always bonfire night that seemed to be the turning point from autumn into winter.  Standing around watching the Guy go down in flames, bobbing apples and games.  I do remember taking a guy in a homemade ‘buggy’ down to Wellfield Road with friends; “Penny for the guy”, the money going towards fireworks.

My American friends don’t know about Guy Fawkes night, the attempted blowing up of the Houses of Parliament.  It is strange to see though this year just how much the Brits have now taken to Halloween, not at all promoted by shops and companies for financial gain!  Up until a few years ago it went by unmentioned almost.

The change from Fall into Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year but also always brings colds, coughs and the flu.  We turn the heating on for the first time and light the log burner.  I’ve been suffering from a cold, and now cough, the timing could not be worse as am supposed to be recording vocals this week!

Probably not going to happen so finalizing last drafts of the two Christmas short stories this week.


Watched Tom Selleck in Thin Ice yesterday, another in the series of TV movies based on Robert Parker’s fine books featuring police chief Jesse Stone.  Selleck acts as producer, even story writer and stars as Stone.  The films are always atmospheric, quite Scandinavian in their production and an influence for me on Jackson Woods, as are the Wallander books and television series (not Branagh’s version, solely produced to sell to America, as they don’t like subtitles!).

So have revisited Jackson, yet again, getting closer to finding him.

Deadlines are changing; Country Tales put back to early January, only because it was thought that January would be the best time to release an album, and not immediately before Christmas.  Today was Tomorrow Yesterday still set for February release.  I’m really pleased too with Songs From a Trailer Park, which comprises of demos and other takes, all recorded on my iPad with Garageband.  Springsteen’s Nebraska was recorded on an old four track cassette recorder and I love the honesty and feel of that album, very personal, and that’s what I hope for Songs.


Tomorrow is election day in the US.  The race is apparently too close to call. I think Obama may just grab it at the end, but I don’t think anyone knows.

Finally, here’s a new poem, hope you like it.


Sunday afternoon
behind Halloween masks
But the truth can not be hidden
Once it is already known
by a heart
by a love
the betrayal remains
denied perhaps
but not hidden
flee into their worst nightmare
of the heart
Run off
to a foreign isle
But will the leaving
prove too hard
But it is better than being alone
Isn’t it?
but the price to pay
is high
Sacrifice of pride
As he has no tomorrow
Yesterday’s singer
tries to keep his past alive
A troubadour
once stole his music
Stole his dreams
light up the sky
light up the lie
going nowhere
No further forward
in his life
Dangerous believer
of his own faith
The last religion
he could find
Once you’ve lost trust
Only a fool says they believe
They won’t
or can’t
admit the truth
It’s the lies
they prefer to see
They are easier to see
easier on the heart
is the deepest pain
by lust
and greed
Leaves yet another scar
that never really heals
The strong
continue to
on the hearts
of the weak
of the dreamers
Jon x



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