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I have a new idea for a film – Walk of the Zombies.  Imagine – very early morning, a blurry eyed couple, two dogs, a creek, disaster waiting to happen.  Does one of the couple fall into the muddy waters, or perhaps gets taken by the Birds – no, I know, that’s already been done, some British director called Hitchcock?  Apparently they are considering making a remake?

Anyway, I digress;  after a few days not getting up early, and the older you get, it takes longer for your body to get out of one routine and into another, and that’s what CJ and I found this morning.

We got back to all the Oscar news, Meryl Streep, the Artist.  I saw one actress say she was surprised about Streep winning as Margaret Thatcher wasn’t popular.  She obviously doesn’t know her facts – Thatcher was extremely popular – in America, because she stood side by side, or lay side by side????, side by side, with Reagan, who was popular.  He put pride back into the States after a few disastrous years.  I remember seeing big, grown men cry in a bar I used to go to in Santa Barbara as they watched Reagan deliver the State of the Nation address.  I still think Michelle Williams was a contender for her portrayal of Marilyn.


We were going to stay up and watch the ceremony but were too exhausted after watching the cup final in the afternoon.  Cardiff played their hearts out and a cruel way to lose, but they can hold their heads up high and hopefully their performance will give them the confidence and strength to secure promotion this year.

Penalties are indeed cruel but incredible television.  You don’t even have to be a sports fan to get caught up in it.


I thought it was interesting too to watch Wales beat England on Saturday in the rugby and the way they used cameras to reply the action to determine whether it was a try or not – it wasn’t.  I also like it that you can hear the ref, like American football, so just why are the football authorities here so seemingly against using technology for say goals, and also why can’t we hear the ref? Taylor tells me that it’s because you’ll be able to hear the players swear.  Well, okay, but then fine them?  and also, it doesn’t take a great lip reader to understand what they are saying anyhow!  One clear example yesterday, I think Steven Gerrard wanted to get intimate with the ref?!?  With so much money at stake though, surely technology is there begging to be used.

Just a quick point about the rugby – Gavin who?  The cost of fame and being a wannabe celebrity is sometimes too high, eh Mr. Henson?  Think you need to find and re-read the script and the plot, as you’ve obviously lost it.

Over the weekend there has also been the case of the British man extradited to the States to face charges for selling batteries to Iran for bombs.  He says it was a sting, and that Cameron and everyone has let him down, and that he would get more rights if he was a terrorist!  He is allegedly on film trying to sell these batteries to Iran!  Apparently he is also going to accept a plea bargain deal – innocent people do not accept plea bargain deals!  It is a human weakness to blame others for our own shortcomings.

Writing and recording this week, getting a celebrity recipe book ready for a children’s charity for Christmas too.  Might just have to try every recipe of course, so there goes the diet.

To wrap this up, what else but a classic track by a Zombie – the wonderful Colin Blunstone.  Colin is not only a dear, genuinely lovely man, but without doubt one of the finest singers ever.  You all know She’s Not There and Time of the Season but I’ve picked a solo song Caroline Goodbye.  I asked him once why he didn’t play this, it wasn’t in the set at the time, (this was with Rod as the Zombies returned).  I’m pleased he plays it now, a great song, with a beautiful vocal as only Colin could deliver.  http://youtu.be/AA-e1nqR5qI


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