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I am an incurable, eternal romantic, always have been.  All the cliches – live for the moment, passion, that’s me, but when does romance become stalking?

One of the new stories in the new book (here’s the ad, Spring Trilogy, out March 1, 2012 – St. David’s Day) is Counting Mississippi, telling the story of a lonely single mother who ‘befriends’ a stranger, a man, on Facebook.  An online relationship develops but when she tries to stop it feeling that it’s going too fast, well she soon finds her life, and that of her daughter’s, in danger.

The Summer Trilogy, out on July 4, features a story The Stalking of Caitlin.

There was a programme last night, My Social Network Stalker which I only caught glimpses of but it seems her boyfriend was stalking her, posting nude pictures of her online etc.

What though of the initial ‘rush’, the longing, the initial attraction?  For example, is sending a single rose to a stranger considered stalking these days.  What about chocolates?!?!?

Some people do have a problem in understanding that ‘No’ means no; they hear what they want to hear.

“You don’t mean that, I know you love me, we were meant to be together.”

Stalking fascinates me, mainly because I’ve had a stalker.  Without going into it too much it was in North Wales, the police were finally involved after my car was damaged.  I was introduced to this woman, DP, and we spoke about three sentences.  She was quite short, petite, pretty, red hair.

For the next six months she became a nuisance, that’s putting it mildly.  She followed me home one night to find out where I lived.  Then she proceeded to park outside the house, staring for hours.  She then sent a bottle of champagne to my then wife for her birthday, but then she started to get violent, trying to push a huge video screen on top of me in my nightclub, and writing threatening notes.  She would intimate anyone she saw me talking to.

I’ve kept that brief but that was all after a very short conversation, so what makes people become so obsessed.

The first screenplay I wrote was called Obsession (it was terrible, in hindsight) and I’ve charted the stalking territory a few times since.  Even my song Hope, which is very simple, with a pure, almost virginal vocal, beautiful song by Charlotte Eyre, has a darker side.

There are many horror stories, real ones, about stalkers, some ending in murder and of course many films including Play Misty For Me (with the beautiful Donna Mills, and the excellent, terrifying Jessica Walter) and Fatal Attraction.

People can genuinely misread situations, signals and most apologise and move on, but the small few are dangerous because there is no reasoning with them it seems.

In the end it’s not even about love or attraction; it’s about power, revenge, pride – ‘you will love me!’

With online dating sites more and more people are finding the love of their life online, but I don’t believe that that can really happen because it is surely all about chemistry – that loss of breath, your heart beating fast, you suddenly becoming a gibbering wreck, lost for words when that ‘someone’ is around, not eating, staring into the distance – all the signs of love.

I also don’t like it when people say ‘ she wasn’t my type’.  Why have a type?  Do they only eat one type of food, listen to one type of music?  How boring!  We can’t chose who we fall in love with, or when surely, but to shut out someone because they have brown hair or green eyes, is crazy.

If a woman receives a gift from a stranger, does she nowadays automatically fear for her life?  I hope not, that’s letting the crazies win, so bring let romance into your life, allow it in, if it’s not there already!

To help, here’s one of the greatest romantic songs ever, the Moody Blues, Nights in White Satin – I actually dreamt this last night!!!

And here’s a quick video made for my song Hope, just a simply montage of pictures:


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