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Fridays, the last day of the working week, or it used to be, not so much anymore; how things have changed over the last thirty years or so?

I remember opening my own record store in the UK and being told I couldn’t open Sundays.  When I moved to California and opened one there my opening day was a Sunday, at noon, with a line around the block.

Now it is all twenty four hour shopping here nearly, with supermarkets and the internet but is it harder to keep track of the days?  Many people now work weekend shifts and the shops are possibly busier on a Sunday than any other day?

As a kid on a Sunday I’d go to church, have lunch and then my parents would take me for a drive, along with all the other ‘Sunday drivers’ as my Dad called them.  We’d go to the Vale of Glamorgan or maybe Ross on Wye.  My father’s favourite place was Symond’s Yat, where you had to cross the river on a hand pulled ferry to get to the pub on the other side.  My favourite place was Castell Coch, the Red Castle, hence the name of my own company.  I saw America film a video for Horse with no Name there for the Dave Cash TV show and they opened up rooms not normally open to the public.

My father had a revolver from his days in the airforce I think or perhaps it was from my grandfather.  I remember seeing it, it was a cold blue steel gun.  He used it once to shot a rabbit, which he then skinned and cooked.  I refused to eat it and today rabbit is still one of the meats I won’t eat.

Our neighbours in Tennessee hunt.  We have deer on our land, which are cute, but they have a hunting season and sure enough our neighbour teaches his son to shoot and hunt and they came back one day with a deer which he proceeded to skin and then hang upside down from a tree.  He then cut it up and put it in the freezer, after having a BBQ, which I was invited to but knowing what was on the menu I made an excuse.  I have had venison though so I think it was just seeing it.

Here’s a picture Tim took on our way home last year on I-40.

Cardiff Castle is magnificent, in the very heart of the city.  They used to hold medieval banquet nights there apparently, perhaps they still do.  I had a number of drama exams there for LAMDA and it was quite daunting.

I’m not too sure this aerial view does it justice.

It’s funny how you take things for granted; I used to pass the castle nearly everyday and you just get used to it I suppose.  I saw a few great concerts there, Queen, 10 c.c., played tennis in the tennis club behind the castle in the grounds, and went to drama school which was also in the grounds.  Maybe age teaches you to appreciate things more?

Here’s a video for a great song from the seventies, Working for the Weekend, a great ‘driving’ song from a band called Loverboy.

Have a great weekend!




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