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Today is probably the most commercialised day of the year, Valentine’s Day.

2012 being a leap year, women all around the world will be trying to find enough courage to pop the question – “Just how do you park a car?”  I’m kidding!

No, they will be proposing to their loved ones.  I know from my stats that people from around the world read this little blog of mine, many in Russia, Sweden, Iran, Germany, Canada and the UK and US so I was just wondering whether its the same everywhere?

Twenty five years ago today I went on a first date with my now wife Cathy, (I know all the jokes, you get less for murder, etc!).  Being the classy person I am I took her to Toad’s Hall, (I’ve been called worse names), as above on the promenade in Rhos on Sea in North Wales.  Three months later and six thousands miles away, we were living in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard.

Cathy, with the only man I think she would leave me for, Vince Gill

Many men complain that their wife doesn’t understand them; Cathy understands me all too well, and I think that that is the secret of all these years.

I like to think of myself as a fairly straightforward person when in reality I know I’m not, I’m quite complex.  My actual description of myself is that I’m an open book, it;s just that each chapter is in a different language.

I think that ‘only child syndrome’ plays a part.  Only kids like myself and Cathy need space more than say kids who have siblings, and Cathy respects that.  I appreciate that I have more freedom if that’s the right word then most men.

Las Vegas 1987

Like all couples we’ve gone through good times and bad times, but as I always say, ‘ you can’t have the highs if you don’t have the lows.’  They make you stronger, don’t you agree?

It’s also not easy being with a creative person, especially when like me I can shut out the world, yet be standing right in the middle of it.  It takes a special person, and Cathy is exactly that.

She is strong and independent, and has grown through the years, from a private nanny in Florida and Los Angeles to owning her own pre-school nurseries.  She is hugely supportive and understanding and a great mother to our three kids.

I think it says it all that after twenty five years I prefer to stay in with her or be with her, than go out.  We are still the best of friends and indeed that is our strength, we are stronger still when it is just the two of us.

So here’s to the next twenty five years, with love.

Here’s a relevant video:

I’m sure this next video is going to be played a lot today, or the song certainly, it’s the brilliant Train and Marry Me:

May love continue to bring you happiness and joy.




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