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A couple of people picked up on a comment I made in a recent blog when I happened to say how sad it is when two people who were so close for some time end up not even speaking, ignoring calls or messages, why is that?   Is the line between love and hate that thin that in some cases people end up going from “I’d die for you”, or “I’ll kill anyone who hurts you”, to wanting to kill each other!

Love is perhaps the most powerful force, but is hatred stronger?  The wish to harm someone you love that you feel has betrayed you?

Do you have regrets?  Sinatra, “Regrets, I have a few, but then again, too few to mention,” or Robbie, “No Regrets, they don’t work, no regrets, they only hurt.”

I don’t think you should have regrets, except over hurting someone of course, but life is surely a learning curve, it is short and we should live for the moment.  As I always say, “You can’t have the highs without the lows.”

John Paul Young once sang, Love is in the Air, great song, and of course it is because next week is Valentine’s Day, and here comes the commercial, I’ve re-visited an old story of mine especially for the romantics out there.

The Love of my Life tells the story of a man and an afternoon from his childhood years ago.  Do most people search for that special someone?  Perhaps even finding them and not realising it.   What about when you’ve experienced that tenderness, that moment when your breath is literally taken away, by a word, or a touch, perhaps even a look.

There’s the old saying; “Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?”

When we get older is there a fear of ending up alone?  Do some people therefore settle with what they have?  Stay together for the kids?  Sacrifices usually end up creating resentment.

Lost love is sad but a life without tears means no life.

What is also sad is when snow melts I think.

After all the waiting the snow came, and now, it’s nearly gone.  The snow has almost gone from the trees in our garden but here are a couple of shots from yesterday.

I love the snow on the boats in the creek.

Finished the draft for Sleeping, Love of my Life finished too.  Tomorrow recording with Tim at my house, with Annie on backing vocals!  Annie is our African Grey and when I rehearse or record she sings merrily along!

Here’s John Paul Young


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