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Log burner throwing out heat, just made a huge pan of stew, (dumplings to be added later).  My kids always used to say “Boo to stew!” when they were younger … they still do, come to think about it!

So winter is here apparently and I’m typing this in front of a log burning fire, the trees outside covered in snow.  Early February and it is the first ‘real’ snow we’ve had this winter.

As we get older, do we lose the love of snow?  Does it suddenly become a hassle?  You need to get to work or to a store.  My youngest son is hoping his school will be closed tomorrow whilst his older brother was so concerned he wouldn’t get to work today he stayed there overnight!  That’s what I call dedication – financially motivated for his trip up north next weekend!

One particularly bad winter I remember walking to work as a kid in Cardiff, from Cyncoed, past school, along the lake and into town.  We ended up helping someone with their car and he ended up giving us a lift towards the end.

It seems like we had more snow as a kid.  I have two memories from childhood; the first was going to the Globe cinema on the corner of Albany Road and Wellfield Road for my birthday.  There were a few of us and when we came out it had been snowing, heavily, and we were unprepared and got soaked walking home.

The second memory was a night I had stayed with my auntie Edith, who lived opposite us.  I used to love her house and in particular her son Raymond’s bedroom, which was all dark wood.  His bed, a four poster, was on a raised platform and there were shelves and shelves of books all around the room, like a library.

Everybody Loves Raymond, well they did.  He was a flamboyant person.  He world for the government, all around the world, was based in India at the end.  I found out he was actually in national security, a spy!  I only found this out years later.  My aunt, at the age of 95, flew out to India to see him, where he still lived.

Anyway, I digress; it was the night before Christmas Eve and my parents had gone out so Edith was looking after me, I was about six I think.  I stayed over night and during the night the snow came, so heavily my Dad had to carry me over the road on his shoulders as it was deeper than I was tall!

More recently I remember walking from a country pub home in the snow few years ago and CJ falling over, I’m laughing as I type this.  It was early in the morning and the snow had drifted and was deep, very deep!  She was wet and not that amused, but I think the drink helped.

Cabin fever soon sets in though when you can’t get out, and also with the cold and snow comes ice.  I hate ice on the road, so very dangerous.  I’m lucky these days that I work at home that I don’t have to be anywhere.

I’ve always loved rainy Sunday afternoons; reading the papers, an old movie on television or a good book, perhaps Winter’s Trilogy, available now on Amazon and soon iTunes and Kobo.

Here’s a very, very quick video we made for a piece of music of mine, perfect for today, Winter’s Day, available for download from iTunes, Amazon and other sites.

Stay safe and warm.



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