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Pinch, punch!  Well at least I got it right today!

Good day recording yesterday, organic and real as we put it!!  the basic tracks for the Rodeo are finally finished, just vocals now and then mixing; running behind a bit later than planned but should be ready for March.

The title track was inspired after a visit to a local rodeo in Lebanon and also after we’d gone to see the PBR, Professional Bull Riders.  The Lebanon rodeo was amazing, quite small at the local fairgrounds, but a supportive crowd.  Rodeos are becoming very popular again in the States.  It symbolises a time gone and the lifestyle will appeal to many, travelling from town to town, just like a circus or travelling show.  Cowgirls and cowboys are right in front of you, direct from television it seems.

A particular favourite film of mine is Pure Country; no groundbreaking, thought provoking film it starts off similar to The Jazz Singer, disillusioned singer goes missing in action, back to his hometown.  Meets a girl who doesn’t know who he is.  She’s a cowgirl, enters rodeos to earn money to save her family’s small farm.  You guessed the end right, very Hollywood, but take it as it is, it doesn’t pretend to be anything else.  Nice performance by George Strait and the female lead, Isabel Glasser is easy to fall in love with.

The whole country life has long appealed to me, hence our six acres in Tennessee.  We’ve done the whole good life thing, chickens, ducks, even a sheep, plus of course grown our own.

Home Grown is a great organisation and their website is well worth a visit.

Charlie Taylor, when he’s not running, grows his own, has turned it almost into an industry!  When you visit him at his office in Gallatin he’ll have on hand produce he has grown.  This picture he took though will always remain a favourite of mine.

This Rocky Raccoon had been digging up Charlie’s garden and produce and Charlie finally caught him!  So cute though.

Farm Aid is another worthwhile organisation, set up by Willie Nelson, with Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews to help and support American farmers.  Each year they hold a day long concert but their work continues throughout the year.

Lovely to see Raff last night, been too long.

Here’s the video for the main song from Pure Country, George Strait, Cross My Heart.







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