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This morning was the first morning we’ve had rain whilst walking the dogs.  This is in three weeks, very unusual for this time of year.  It does seem to rain less often now, climate change?  As a kid walking to school used to get soaked, and then have to sit in cold classrooms all day wet.  Okay, slight exaggeration.

Rain is one of a writer’s favourite ‘tools’ – always atmospheric, sometimes cleansing.  Thunder and lightning and a great storm, perfect.

Writing today, Counting Mississippi, and then working on harmonies.

Here’s a link to my favourite song about rain.  The band were out of Florida, and this song is great for driving – just watch out for the speed traps and cameras!

Nuclear Valdez, Summer


Whilst getting the link for this there was an ad for iTunes – Vaccines, Foster the People and a couple others, CDs for under four pounds!   Taking bets on HMV not being around next Christmas!


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