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Did you hear the sound of a banshee yesterday?  In legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die.  The word Banshee always reminds of an Enid Blyton book i had as a kid, that featured the Five Find-outers, and a dog, there was always a dog in her books, called Buster!  The leader of the ‘gang’ was Fatty! Can you imagine her being allowed to call a character that today?!!

Anyway the banshee was me, singing, (my friend Mike Estes when he records vocals calls it strangling the cat!).  Good day though recording yesterday with Tim, laying down scratch vocals, seven songs, now working on harmonies, more banshees!

Blyton was a major influence for me.  By the time I was ten I had over 200 hundred of her books, she was hugely prolific, apparently not the nicest of people though, awful to her own kids.

Best known probably for Noddy or the Famous Five, my favourite series of hers was the Enchanted Wood.  Her imagination in these three books is remarkable, and whilst her actually writing was not brilliant, she was writing for young children, which is why so many millions identify with her books.

As for my writing, finishing To Kill The Dead today, final draft, and then starting Counting Mississippi, a thriller, and then the third story in the new trilogy has just named itself, Sleeping with your Eyes Open.


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