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I like dreams; I like dreamers, I’m one.  Each night you get your own private movie show, free, right there in your head on your pillow.  I try to control some of my dreams, story outlines, see where they will go.

Dreams can be very creative – McCartney woke up and had ‘written’ Yesterday in his sleep, the melody at least, he originally called it Scrambled Eggs – it went on to earn him $30 million, over 5,000 versions of it.

But what about personal dreams, goals and ambitions?  Here’s a question, or two –  are you today where you hoped you’d be ten years ago?  Where do you want to be in ten years time?

I do take each day as it comes but I also have life ‘road maps’, in my head, ambitions I’ve yet to achieve.  It’s never too late.  I still have the energy and drive I had when I was fifteen, but now I have, allegedly, the experience of life, of people to refer to.  I still feel the same as I did when I was fifteen, perhaps that’s my problem?!?  But I’m still very excited by the future, what this year brings, next year……

It is said that a week in politics is a long time, let alone ten years.  The number of people going into politics must be getting smaller all the time – the scrutiny of the media, the people.  When a mistake is made, it’s magnified significantly.

The current row of benefits rages on.  I personally can not see how someone like the woman on BBC news last night can attack the plans to cap benefit at £26,000; that’s over two thousand a month!

There’s a fine line – people need to be encouraged to follow their dreams, start up their own businesses, from scratch.  Some go on to be hugely successful, so why should they support the lazy few who play the system; that have a load of kids they can’t support, thinking that the state can?  How can they afford name brands, sit in the pub drinking every day and so on – because of the benefit system in this country.  Without a doubt there should be one to support genuine people but it is abused and it is the abusers who are complaining but being supported by a few do-gooders.

The woman on the news last night stated she was a single mum with two children and asked why she had to move and change her life style?!?!? How can’t believe she actually asked that on camera! I know of people who have used their homes as collateral for a loan for a dream, a business venture.  Dennis Waterman did, so did Shane Ritchie.  Luckily they didn’t lose their homes but some do.  People who lose their jobs downsize all the time so why does this lady think she shouldn’t?

This is not political.  Just reward success, punish laziness and greed. Let people follow their dreams.




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