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My shelf above where I type has four Jack Daniels’ bottles, although in my defence one is empty and the other one nearly is.  Birthday presents I hasten to add, all eagerly accepted though.

I’m not a heavy drinker, far from it, a bit of a lush – a couple of drinks and I’m yours!  Well, not quite but I also know my limit.  Having run a nightclub and a theatre with two bars I’ve had access to alcohol and I think in those situation you can either go one way, teetotaller, or the other!!!! I know a couple of publicans who went the other!

When I bought our land in Tennessee it was purely coincidental that it is on the same highway that leads to Lynchburg where of course Jack Daniels is produced.  Lynchburg, (an awful name for a town; (how it got its name one can only imagine), is actually a dry county, you can’t buy alcohol – Mr Jack obviously had problems with workers who like to sample their produce!

In the part of Tennessee where I live you can’t buy wine or spirits, only beer.  For wine and spirits you have to drive about fifteen minutes over the county line into Davidson where you can buy anything; crazy isn’t it?  Its a religious thing I believe, but Jesus drank wine, in fact turned water into wine!

Just passed the county line is a fine Mexican restaurant, Los Tres Amigos, I’ve mentioned them before.  On Friday here in the UK we enjoyed a meal at a nice Mexican Restaurant, but it was so expensive, which, given that Mexico is one of the poorest countries, it shouldn’t be.  As CJ said, it is peasant food, wonderful ingredients, but cheap ingredients, so why is Mexican food so much more expensive here than say Indian, when it really shouldn’t be?  At Los Tres Amigos it usually works out at around $12 a head, less than £8, that includes drinks and desert, (deep fried ice cream! I know, said it before, heart attack on a plate, but what a way to go!).  Their main, usual Chile Colorado for me, (tender pieces of steak), includes tortillas, refried beans and cilantro/coriander rice and you usually have to end up taking a doggy bag home the portions are so big.  You get free salsa and chips and bottomless soft drinks, or a large pitcher of lager will cost you $5.  No wonder I’m on my diet!

Had a bit of a lazy day yesterday, a PJ day we call it.  Did do some work on a new story.  After the blog the other day about Courtney counting Mississippi during a storm (good luck Courtney for today at B.M.I.!) an outline of a story came to me, a thriller, crazy boyfriend chasing ex, driving towards her, in a storm.  The ex is with her daughter who is counting Mississippi to see how close the storm is, and its coming closer and closer, as is the boyfriend who has murder on his mind.  Love this picture of lightning over the Mississippi, will make a great cover.



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