Counting Mississippi; Obama and the Reverend; Memphis;   Leave a comment

I love the sound of rain, on a roof.   The heavier the better.  I love a good storm too, thunder, lightning.  Nashville is experiencing storms at the moment, and Courtney’s status this morning was “I can’t count any Mississippi’s inbetween the thunder and lightening. Scared.”  Bless her, sure Elvis looked after her.  The pic shows lightning over the Bat tower in Nashville.

Courtney will get to vote for the first time this year in the Presidential elections.  Politics aside, there’s a nice clip of Obama yesterday, singing the opening line from Al Green’s classic Let’s Stay Together – .  Green, now the Reverend Al Green was in the audience.  His church is in Memphis, on the Mississippi.  Last time I was in Memphis was with Tim last year, very bleak day, Beale Street was quiet, which given what Tim was wearing was a good thing!!! ha ha

Obama is at his best when it’s just him talking to an audience.  Again, no politics here but my feeling is that the election is going to be for the Republicans to lose, rather for Obama to win.  He promised so much, and then the reality struck.  We’ll see.

Here’s a clip of how Let’s Stay Together should sound – taken from a TV special with Justin Timberlake, who hails from the area, with special guest Al Green – enjoy!

Time for a new Timberlake album???


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